IPOB, the Indigenous People of Biafra, warned Fulani militants posing as herders are not welcome in the Southeast on Thursday.


Fulani terrorists posing as herdsmen are rapping and killing the defenseless in the region, according to IPOB.

IPOB spokesman Emma Powerful, however, stated that the group is not against Hausas or non-indigenes living in the Southeast.

Hausas and non-indigenous people living in the Southeast were guaranteed their protection.

“The IPOB leadership call on all residents of Biafraland, both Biafrans and non-Biafrans, to disregard this deliberate falsehood from a terrorist infested and discredited Nigerian Army Headquarters and unequivocally assure them of their safety and enjoin them to go about their businesses anywhere in Biafraland without fear of molestation,” Powerful said.

“The only people who are not and will not be welcomed in Biafraland are Fulani terrorists dressed as herders who are destroying our farmlands with their unclean cows, molesting and rapping our mothers, sisters, and wives farming in our bushes and forests, and murdering our people who are doing legitimate farm work.”

“It is now imperative for the Nigerian military, whose highest echelons, as well as fresh recruits, are dominated by Fulani terrorists posing as soldiers, to recall their kinsmen occupying any space in our jungles and woodlands to remove such places immediately.” The Nigerian army must withdraw its terrorist foot troops disguised as Fulani herdsmen who were dispatched into Biafraland because they will have no place to hide in our land.

“There is no doubt that IPOB is a peaceful freedom movement. However, as a people, we have a responsibility to safeguard our land and people from Fulani terrorist herdsmen. We won’t beg Fulani terrorists to leave our farmlands and forests; instead, we’ll chase them out of the bushes and forests where they kidnap, murder, and rape our mothers, wives, and sisters on the farms.

“The Nigerian military should be grateful that we are assisting them in stopping Fulani terrorists, the world’s fourth deadliest terror gang, here in Biafraland, previously Eastern Nigeria. They will not, however, because the Fulani terror Herdsmen are their foot soldiers and the Nigerian army is one and the same. Civilian JTF helped them fight Boko Haram in the north, and the army worked with them.

“Now consider why the Nigerian army cannot join us in combating our mutual adversary, the Fulani militants hidden in our forests. The Nigerian army is after us, rather than thanking us for helping to halt the actions of these mass killers. Because of their animosity for the Biafran people, notably the IPOB family group, the Nigerian Army and its sister security agencies, particularly the DSS, should stop issuing bogus intelligence reports to generate confusion.

We must chase the bloodthirsty Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen out of Biafraland, where they are killing innocent locals going about their farm business.

“We know the Fulani and security men and women are the same people; they should summon their brethren out of the Biafra bushes and forests,” he said.

“Northerners and other non-Biafrans living in Biafraland, notably the Hausa people who live with us here, should not be afraid as long as they are not committing any crime in our land.” Biafrans have no animosity toward Hausas or the Hausa population in Biafraland because they, too, are victims of Fulani terror and deceit.

“What we’re looking for are Fulani terrorists posing as herders who are rapping our mothers, sisters, and wives in the bushes and forests,” said the group. The country of Biafra bans this generation from folding their weapons and allowing Fulani terrorist herdsmen from the Futa Jalon foothills to invade our nation.

“We are only defending our helpless and innocent people who have been left at the mercy of mass-murdering Fulani herdsmen by terrorist sympathizing Nigerian security services.”

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