Following a false cry for help on the claims of being molested and kidnapped, a young lady simply identified as Toyosi ends up in police custody.


The young lady had used the microblogging platform in the early hours of the morning to post a phone number and address along with claims of sexual abuse.

The tweet, on the other hand, drew widespread attention and elicited widespread support, prompting Toyosi to delete the tweet and issue a follow-up debunking the claim.

Many people questioned the authenticity of the debunking tweet, believing she was forced to make it.

Toyosi responded by releasing a video in which she stated unequivocally that she was safe and not being molested or kidnapped.

However, the police have been called to the scene, and the young lady is said to be being taken to court for proper legal action.

The police have issued a statement, which you can read below.

We’ve already been there for over thirty minutes. Concern has been expressed by well-intentioned Nigerians. We’ll get to the bottom of it.

In the midst of the social media outrage, the young lady’s brother confirmed in a video that Toyosi was fine and was only looking for clout.

The lady came to the police station of her own volition. The investigation is still ongoing. We’ll keep you informed.

Following a thorough investigation, it was discovered that Toyosi Adesegun, a 20-year-old female, is a frequent visitor to Olamilekan Faruk, Ayanfe Ayinde, and Olusola Onipede, all males of 78 Obayan Street Akoka.

The young men prevented her from leaving the apartment this morning. If Toyosi was not allowed to leave, she threatened to tweet what she had tweeted. She tweeted after the young men called her bluff. Based on the evidence presented, the three men will be charged with wrongful restraint, while Toyosi will be charged with providing false information.

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