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Stormzy claims that his ‘devastating’ divorce from Maya Jama “showed him he was still a boy.”


Stormzy says his split from Maya Jama “devastated his world,” and the two attended the Dusseldorf party on Sunday.

But the grime star claims he was forced to adjust his behavior after his squabble with the new Love Island host because he realized he “was a boy.”

They dated for four years before splitting up in 2020 amid rumors of his adultery, which he has denied.

As he speaks ahead of Wednesday’s GQ Men Of The Year Celebration 2022 in association with BOSS, he says the split has made him focus on “the necessary work I have to do to ensure I’m not in this position again.”

His ex-partner Maya Jama (pictured) was also at the awards ceremony

“I’d never experienced a break-up and the sentiments that go with it,” he says to GQ. “It made me realize I was a boy.” And as a lad, I don’t want to go any further. That’s not who I want to be.”

“That entails development, accountability, altering my character, altering my routines, habits, traditions, values, and morals.”

“Because of how I feel right now, how I’ve made someone else feel, and how I’ve destroyed the world in which I was living – I never want to be in this situation again.”

“Everything I’d accomplished for myself had done nothing to improve how I felt at that moment.”