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Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, a contentious artist, has finally apologized to the Headies Awards.


The performer appeared to backtrack as he expressed regret for his improper behavior.

Hours after the news of his disqualification circulated, according to Kemi Filani news, Portable uploaded a video in which he claimed he was unconcerned with their decision.

Portable expressed his regret to the award organizers in a video that was posted on his Instagram page.

Despite being disqualified, the singer begged his supporters to continue supporting him.

After criticizing the award organizers for excluding him due to his inflammatory statement, he has now issued an apology.

When the divisive singer asserted he was a member of the infamous one million lads, many were incensed.

The singer of “Zazuu” sparked new controversy for himself and his career when he adamantly said that he was the one who founded the one million boys and Ajah boys group.

Nigerians were incensed by the video and criticized him for his uncivilized behaviors and loose speech that would land him in jail.

The organizers of the well-known Nigerian music awards, The Headies, Smooth Productions, disqualified Portable as a result of the unexpected finding.

The organizers criticized the contentious performer for claiming affiliation with the infamous robbery group known as “1 Million Boys” in a statement posted on Tuesday, July 26.

Instead of feeling regret about being eliminated, Portable spoke about his value on his Instagram page.

Portable claimed to have admirers and supporters in a video he released on his Instagram.

“I know people, I have friends, I have 1 million fans, and I won the Akoi Competition without ripping off anyone.” With God’s grace, I wouldn’t let what was mine go away. I have supporters who will support me and vote.”

In a subsequent post, Portable published a video of him and his wife while stating that he doesn’t feel bad about what he did.

“I have God, money, celebrity, a wife, and kids. I also have talent. Godspeed to my family; I have a car and a home, and I don’t regret anything I did.