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Rihanna has described her first few months of motherhood as “tripping on acid every day.”

On May 13, the singer gave birth to her baby and has spoken out for the first time about becoming a mother.

According to the 34-year-old, “motherhood is a whole other beast,” and “life starts over when you become a parent, it’s life you’ve never known before.”

Her encounter was described as “trippy as hell.”

Rihanna has a son with boyfriend and fellow singer A$AP Rocky, with whom she has been dating since November 2020.

They were seen together in New York City around the time of the confirmation.

Rihanna gave birth in May

Rihanna told Access Hollywood, “The beginning is like your tripping acid every day.” It’s insanely trippy. You look at him and realize he’s yours, yet he’s a stranger, and you’re learning him as he learns you and the world.

“When he sees me in the eyes, my entire soul…

“I’m not sure if it’s cold or hot.”

“It’s fantastic to have a friendship be the core of our entire family, I truly adore it,” Rihanna remarked of how having a baby has impacted her relationship.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna have yet to reveal the name of their six-month-old child, but some fans believe they have figured it out.

Rihanna was seen wearing a pendant with the words.

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