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Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, is said to have moved on after his divorce from Naomi Ogunwusi as he marries a new woman.


The Ife royal is reportedly getting married to oil and gas businesswoman Mariam Anako, according to online rumors.

According to Kemi Ashefon, Ooni’s rumored new wife has pledged to be the monarch’s final wife.

Mariam Anako, a NestOlil employee, is a Kogi State native of the Ebira ethnic group.

She is alleged to have provided the Ooni with enormous assistance, which must have won his favor.

The King’s recent action did not surprise the online community that responded to this development.

The report stated that the new wife has not yet entered the palace, but Ooni has not made an official comment about it.

The split of Ooni of Ife and Queen Naomi Silekunola, which shocked the internet, is the subject of this report.

The admirers of the Ife royal family were astonished when Queen Naomi gave up her title and position as the Queen of Ife, according to Kemi Filani.

When the stunning mother of one accused the queen of being deceitful, several opinions emerged online.

“I tried my best to persevere and make it work; numerous times, I smiled through the struggle, but I’ve finally realized I had only one assignment, my son, and when God is done, He’s done. After making Saul the new king, He informed the prophet Samuel that He had moved on. Please see my interview on News Central TV for more information; we never had a problem with religion. Instead, His Majesty has two images of himself: one that he would like the world to see and think of him as, and another that represents who he really is.

I am announcing a new dawn and the end of a chapter today. I am now the mother of God’s special gift. I’m no longer held captive by my idealistic thoughts. I therefore declare that from this point forward, I shall only be referred to as the Queen of the People and the Mother of My Adorable Prince and not as the Ooni of Ife’s wife or the Queen of Ile-Ife.