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Yul Edochie’s first wife, May Edochie has praised an Instagram follower for slamming her co-wife Judy Austin.
The crisis in the Edochie family does not appear to be going away anytime soon, as the first wife continues to imply that she has not accepted her second wife Judy.


May has lately received a number of sponsorships, which her husband Yul attributes to her growing fame as a result of the incident surrounding his colleague’s marriage.

The actor stated in one of his articles that having a second wife has been a benefit to his family and has opened possibilities.

May, who just received another endorsement, rushed to Instagram to spread the word. Yul, who was likewise in a festive mood, shared the post.

Nevertheless, a follower who was not pleased with Yul’s participation in his wife’s celebration chastised him for continuing to refer to her as his wife while still referring to Judy.

She wrote: “Na we dey marry May now. Go and continue with your new bag of rice and let our classy queen be. Who told you that she is still your wife. She now belongs to us because she did not sign polygamy from day one. You gate your beautiful wife and children because of a loose woman. I weep for you.”

Replying to the comment, May thanked her.