Korra Obidi, a popular Nigerian dancer, has admitted to cheating on her estranged husband, Justin Dean.


The mother of two admitted to having an affair with her husband while she was in Nigeria before moving to America to be with him.

During an Instagram live session with her sister, Nancy Umeh, she revealed this.

Korra denied being a serial cheater, stating that her ex-husband subjected her to physical and emotional torture, resulting in the loss of pregnancy when she told him about her affair.

“Now that you’ve heard one side of the story, it’s time for you to hear the other. I’m not a serial cheater; far from it; I’m simply a woman who was faithful to her marriage.

“I was really indecisive about moving before I got to America, and it was during Trump’s time, and I tasted from Pandora’s box; I had an affair.” I felt awful about it because it lasted only one date, but I hadn’t moved to America yet.

“When I got to America, I was regretful that I had made the mistake with the guy, so I told Dean the truth,” Korra Obidi revealed. “Hey, I had an affair in Nigeria, and I don’t want us to ever have secrets.”

The mother of two also accused her ex-husband of infidelity, sharing videos of Dean and his alleged 18-year-old lover on a trip to Brazil, all loved up.

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