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Kim Kardashian will earn $200k per month in child support when she and Kanye finalize their divorce.

Kim Kardashian, the reality television star, will receive $200k per month in child support as she and Kanye settle their divorce.

Kim and Kanye

According to TMZ, Kim and Kanye, who were scheduled to go to trial next month, reached an amicable divorce settlement on Monday, November 28th.

Ye has agreed to pay Kim $200k per month for the upkeep of their four children.

He also gave up the $4.5 million home he acquired across the street from Kim’s last year after Kim filed for divorce, claiming he bought the house to be closer to his children. Kim will be responsible for all costs associated with the 5-bedroom house.



His settlement also states that he gets to keep his $60m Malibu home, two ranches in Wyoming, 300 acres in Calabasas, a home in Belgium, and his childhood home which he bought in Chicago.

While Kim gets to keep the property she owns in Idaho and the $60 million Hidden Hills estate where she and the kids live.

The ex-couple will split education and security expenses for the children and Kanye will have equal access to their kids; meaning he will be able to see them whenever he wants.

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