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Khafi Kareem, a popular reality celebrity, celebrated their third wedding anniversary with the love of her life, Gedoni, on whom she poured prayers.


The love birds who were brought together by the reality show Big Brother Naija has since grown in love.

Khafi took to Instagram to commemorate their anniversary, showering her boyfriend with everlasting prayers and a confession of love.

She wrote in a lengthy note;

“#Khadoniversary 7/7, 3 years since the day we knew we were meant to be.” All I want to do is pray for my man. Comment AMEN if you want to pray this over your hubby (current or future).

I thank you, Lord, for my husband. I appreciate you for the man he has become and continues to become in you. I thank you, Lord, that in your perfect time you brought our lives together and crossed our paths, and that you have chosen us to walk alongside each other on this journey called life. I pray that you bless the work of his hands and the desires of his heart, and that you allow us to be co-laborers in the plans you have laid out for us.

I pray that he is greeted with favor and grace in every room he enters. I hope that whenever he opens his mouth to speak, you will fill it with your words.

I pray that he maintains you at the forefront of his mind, even before us, his wife, and his children, and that he remembers that before he can stand before mankind, he must first kneel before you. I hope that you continue to guide him as he leads our household, provides for our family, and loves us in such a lovely way. I pray that distraction will never be his lot in life, and that he will remain focused on the purpose you have given him, as well as his position as a great father to our children and lover.

Protect my hubby, Lord God. Let nothing bad happen to him, and let every hostile scheme fail before it is even conceived. I adore my husband, Lord God, and I ask that you bless him with long life and wealth so that we can both see our grandchildren’s children in good health.

May you strengthen our bond, our love, and allow us to overcome every challenge together. May we never take our issues out on one other as a solution, but rather join forces and overcome every obstacle in our path together. Lord, cover my husband in your kindness, help him enjoy going home to his family every day, and bless me with everything I need to support him as his wife and love him with all my heart. We are your children, Lord, and we return our relationship to you. Use us.

Lord, bless and magnify my hubby. May many others be blessed as a result of our marriage and beyond. May our love last for many years. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!”