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J. Cole raps on his experience rediscovering his love for rap in “The Climb Back.” Additionally, he raps about some of his harrowing personal experiences as well as the struggles some of his friends have had.

Cole wrote an essay titled “The Audacity” two days prior to the release of this song, in which he highlighted various pivotal moments in his life and the ongoing responsibility he felt to accomplish his objectives. In what may be considered a forerunner to this song, he used the word “climb” explicitly to describe how he advanced himself at each of these times.

This and “Lion King on Ice” were supposed to be the lead singles from Cole’s The Fall Off, his seventh studio album. Together, they comprised the two-track Lewis Street, which was released.

The streaming providers changed “The Climb Back” to “t h e c l I m b b a c k” on May 12, 2021. The decision to put “The Climb Back” on The Off-Season rather than The Fall Off was made official the next day, making the song the album’s first single.

I’m hoping that the success of this album will help the Afro-classic crooner reach new heights.

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