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Cole talks about one of the seven deadly sins, pride, and how it affects his own and other people’s behavior in “p r I d e. I s. t h e. d e v I l.”

He also recognizes how fortunate he is to have achieved success and survived into old age while many of his friends did not. For this song, Cole enlists Lil Baby, who talks about his fortune, previous drug use, and obligation to his childhood friends.

The instrumental version of the song uses the same sample as Aminé’s “Can’t Decide” from her August 2020 album, which was also created by T-Minus.

Since 2014 Forest Hills Drive, J. Cole has infamously refrained from including features on his albums, creating a phenomenon in pop culture.

I’m hoping that the success of this album will help the Afro-classic crooner reach new heights.

Listen, share and download below:


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