The comedienne Amarachi Amusi, often known as Ashmusy, recently gave one of her staff members a new car as a gift for their devotion to her.

She purchased two cars, according to the creator of the skit, one for her real estate crew (to whom she has not yet handed the car), and the other for her key employees at her beauty product company, with whom she has been associated for five years.

Ashmusy gave the keys to the woman he later recognized as Kosi and praised her for being a devoted and diligent worker, thus the generous prize.

However, Ashmusy caught her off guard when she handed her the car key, which made her feel upset.

Captioning the video, the skit maker wrote:

“Bought a personal car for my girl 😍 and next thing I’ll buy her is a house ❤️ wait for it 😩
The best staff anyone could ever ask for.. I love and appreciate you kosi ..even though I don’t like to show it lol..
Oh I love my entire team ohh🤣 let the others not see this and get jealous😂
Also got one for @diamondcrest___homes 😍
God bless my entire team🥰 especially my mom❤️”

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