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Olowu Taiwo, also known as Eltee Skhillz, a young Nigerian musician, reportedly fell off the stage while singing with Ghetto Kids at a gig in Uganda.


The music singer, who was singing his big song “ODG” (Odogwu Na The Spender) with the young dancers in a YouTube video that captured the horrifying fall, unexpectedly missed a step and went off stage.

He, on the other hand, swiftly recovered and resumed his performance.

Watch the video below.

In other developments, two Nigerian ladies in Amsterdam were overjoyed when they recognized Nigerian celebrity musician Davido, who had arrived in disguise at their store.

In the early hours of the morning, the singer went out in disguise with his lawyer, Prince Bobo, to look for food.

Despite his efforts to conceal his identity by concealing his face in a sweatshirt and a mask, Davido was recognized by the two Nigerian women.

One of the women who approached the musician requested him to remove his mask because she recognized him.

“Papa Imade, comot am; na you,” she repeated several times.

Meanwhile, Emmauella, a Nigerian pre-teen sensation, turned a new age yesterday, July 22, and followers took to her Facebook page to rejoice with her.

Emmanuel rose to prominence as a young actor after appearing in a comedy skit created by her uncle, Mark Angel.