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Deena Ade – SCOR£
Deena Ade – SCOR£

African performer and choreographer Deena Ade makes her music debut with “SCOR£,” a brand-new song.

The excellent album “SCOR£” is something you should add to your collection. Deena Ade’s most recent single for 2022, however, is this one.

Afrobeats’ fast tempo and dynamic character are combined with EDM’s electronic and percussive vibrations to create the ultimate soundtrack, which the musician compares to a breath of fresh air.

Second, don’t skip out on this lovely, memorable music.

The fact that this song is fantastic and catchy should make it on your list of collection favorites. Get

If you like music, check out “SCOR£” and listen to it.

Listen and share your thought below:


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