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C Carter looks at Cordae’s rise and how his childhood dreams have become a reality at this point in his career. The title alludes to the 2005 film Coach Carter, and much like the message of the man himself, who believed that student-athletes should be encouraged to succeed academically as well as athletically, Cordae exemplifies this idea through his subject matter, frequently blending braggadocio with thoughtful lyrics.

In other words, Cordae may be the game’s MVP, but he always makes room for a lesson. The message of this song resonates with listeners because it refers to a specific memory in the collective consciousness of many children who grew up in the same generation as him, watching the same movies and dreaming the same dreams. Cordae, like any come-up story, tells us that the road wasn’t easy and that he still faces pressures and hardships.

But, through perseverance and remaining true to himself, he discovered an audience for his music and, eventually, an even deeper, spiritual connection to the art he creates. The melancholy feel of the music, along with bluesy guitar riffs and a soulful beat, reminds everyone of the moments they spent as kids dreaming about bigger things, and perhaps they, too, can one day look back on those times and be pleased with what they’ve accomplished.

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