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The weekend of the Double Launch began with a bang! Millions of people have been waiting to see the new Housemates, and 12 of them have now been revealed. People with varied characteristics, but the same goal: to be the last man or woman standing. Housemates entered the House one by one, settling into what would become their new home. Some Housemates were greeted more warmly than others.


They enter the House as strangers but take advantage of every chance to get to know one another. Groovy, the first Housemate to arrive, opened the introductions with a description of himself and his likes and dislikes. Following him were Phyna, Amaka, Kess, Bryann, Ilebaye, Khalid, Daniella, Cyph, Beauty, Pharmsavi, and Christy O.

The ultimate act of “firing your shot,” according to Cyph, was auditioning for Big Brother Naija. Housemates expressed their gratitude for making it inside the house.

Some single Housemates are eager to meet new people, while a married Kess desires not to be perceived as a married guy. “I’m a great fan of the program and I’m here to have a good time,” he says. He’s in the House for the drama and conflicts, but he’s looking forward to coming back to his American wife and his wonderful life.

Some presentations were lengthier than others, with some Housemates seeking additional chances to tell their stories.

Wigs and clothes were removed, and the talk continued as Housemates prepared for bed. The exhilaration of being in Biggie’s House was palpable; no sleep was in sight.

In the dining room, the Housemates got into a debate on male vs female intellect. This was one of several discussions the Housemates had as they settled into Biggie’s House.

What else will they be discussing as the Level Up season progresses?