Yul Edochie, a presidential candidate, has confessed that he got his colleague Judy Austin pregnant.


Yul Edochie, who is married to May Edochie and has four beautiful children (3 boys and a girl), is said to have had a baby in 2021 with his coworker turned baby mom, Judith Austin.

According to several sources, Yul Edochie formally married Judy Austin as his second wife last weekend after paying

her dowry in her native town in Anambra State.


Stanley, a dedicated blogger, wrote:

GLB Nation, how are you doing today? Here’s the complete story of how Yul ended up with two wives, which he shared on his Facebook page. He’s not a blogger, and I’m not sure why he is. They assist me in my work ooo
According to Vawulence Headquarters, Na chop and clean mouth yul Dey utilize all these Nollywood geh do, it’s safe to say Na S€x for roles, his known side chic previously was married Actress Nkiru Umeh, thus Nkiru Umeh is married to one man from Uga in Anambra state.

She was also having sexual affairs with you.
The husband became aware of it and informed his kinsmen on multiple occasions, but yul refused to let the married woman remain till the trailer had passed. Before she came to this girl, yul and nkiru had issues and parted ways, it was nothing serious at all, they were doing ta ta ta for movie sets and sometimes they met at a very coded hotel, yuls wife got a hint of the Ta ta ta, she asked the husband but he denied, fast forward to a few months later, naso side hen had issues and parted ways, it was nothing serious at all Carry Belle ooo and tell her she can’t go comot belle; hey decided to keep it a secret and keep it hush hush.

move on, before you know it, words got to the wife and the matter Na yam pepper scatter scatter then, remember I hinted una about the pregnancy then, I needed to be sure say them go leave the pikin and not comot am before I go announce belle and these yeyebrities go comot belle just to debunk say gist Na fake, as cr@zy as it sounds, he don happen before, one Yoruba actress was pregnant for a married man, which I am sure after

Side chic gave birth to a pikin and began pressuring yul to marry her and pay her bride price, yul initially refused oo but as politics entered the picture and the girl threatened to tell Nigerians who gave birth to her pikin, Baba, knowing full well that if Nigerians see any dirt for him, he had to dance to the tune of the side chic so she wouldn’t expose him, check next post for the conclusion of the story.

After seeing his husband’s photo for Vawulence headquarters on Monday, he paid the bride price in a low-key manner on Sunday.
Pete Edochie is not on good terms with his son because he was not in favor of the whole affair, but he had no choice because they all had to maintain that political ambition to portray to Nigerians what yul is not, so on Sunday, they went to pay the bride price and it was as low key as ever, with no phone allowed, and the wife was completely unaware of the whole affair.

To cut a long story short, she arrived at Vawulence Headquarters and we decided to congratulate Yul on his oriburuku ooo, naso I forgot again, his wife saw his picture for Vawulence headquarters Na and began torch lighting every corner, she came find out say they don’t want to pay bride price for Aunty side hen, so yesterday I was sitting jeje on my own ooo, Na him one GLB Nation come remind me say we have

yul head ooo, naso I’m taking a break for the comments section. When Yul saw him cast little small, he resolved to kuku destroy the entire table by himself. naso original housewife vex oooo wey the matter turn yam pepper scatter scatter post side wife and side pikin, naso original housewife vex oooo wey the matter turn yam pepper scatter We’ve been trying to settle this situation since the morning ooo. They don’t drag you around like I do when I pass my neighbor’s generator oooo, and igi ewedu don’t fall on you las las oo.
Note: The Judy side hen was formerly married with two children, and before she waka go jam yul born side pikin for am, she had her husband pursue a comot. before she waka go jam yul born side pikin for amπŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ

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