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As he responds to Headies disqualification, Portable states, “I Got God, Money, Wife Fame And Children” [Video]

Okikiola Habeeb, often known as Portable, is a recording artist and vivacious performer from Nigeria who was disqualified from the 2022 Headies Awards.


Since the publication of his song “Zazuu,” Portable, who first gained notoriety, has frequently made headlines for debatable reasons. The Headies Awards stated on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, that Portable had been disqualified from the 2022 awards.

Because of his unfavorable press and violent tendencies, which make almost everyone question his sanity, the controversial musician and performer Portable was disqualified from consideration for the Headies, specifically because of his alleged ties to the notorious criminal organization “1 Million Boys.”

The musician had already threatened them in a video, saying that if the prize wasn’t granted to him, he would injure other contenders in the same categories. The Headies Academy also mentioned this incident.

A few hours after the revelation of his disqualification, the singer sent a mysterious message on his Instagram account in which he praised himself and his accomplishments.

The video is down below.