Nkechi Blessing is a Nigerian actress. After a photo of her wearing underpants leaked online, Sunday generated outrage on social media.


This comes just 24 hours after Nkechi Blessing denied wearing pants after her ex-boyfriend Opeyemi Falegan said he ditched her because of her bad hygiene.

Many netizens considered Opeyemi Falegan’s remark that Nkechi Blessing is a nasty girl who wears one pant for three days unusual.

Nkechi Blessing retaliated against her ex-lover, claiming he was lying because she has never won a contest since she was 18 years old.

Nkechi Blessing, who isn’t amused by nasty remarks or shade directed at her, went on a public tantrum shaming and mocking Opeyemi Falegan’s “rat hole.”

Many people have asked Nkechi Blessing how she holds her sanitary pad during her period if she doesn’t wear pants.

Nkechi Blessing has stated that she uses Tampon and cotton wool, however, a photo of her wearing pants has sparked controversy.

Netizens, on the other hand, believe the photo of Nkechi Blessing wearing a pant is an advertisement, and that she would not shoot a photograph for the internet without wearing undergarments under her sheer outfit.

dhameikay wrote: “Bt na body suit b dis na una too lyk wahala”

teesignature_couture wrote: “So is she supposed to wear that without a pant? It doesn’t still mean she wears pants on a norm”

wealthakonobea wrote: “She lies too much if u ask me”

vergarahomez wrote: “Casted and her curse bk to her. She said nothing and never will God bring what will make her wear pant”.

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