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Adidas ‘plans to offer Yeezys sans Kanye West’s emblem and branding’ following the rapper’s departure.


Kanye West’s Yeezy footwear will reportedly launch with Adidas,’ but under a new name and without the controversial rapper’s insignia.

According to reports, the fashion label intends to release new Yeezy trainers sans the Yeezy moniker and related emblems as early as 2023.

According to reports, the business has ’emphasized to its shareholders that it is the sole owner of the basic designs of the present Yeezys in circulation.’

This includes shoe silhouettes and colorways,’ according to reports. According to TMZ, the brand “believes they have every right to continue peddling them.”

“Yeezy designs will, in fact, live on at Adidas after all,” the outlet reported, citing sources, “but they’ll have a completely different title when they drop.”

Following a string of online attacks, anti-Semitic Tweets, White Lives Matter stunts, and podcast comments, the Bound 2 rapper sparked outrage.

Some of the world’s biggest corporations, including Adidas, which manufactures the rapper’s sneakers, have stopped cooperating with him as a result of his comments.

Adidas, which was chastised for not acting sooner, stated that ending the partnership with Ye would have a “short-term negative impact” on its net income this year of up to $250 million (£218 million).

The popular Yeezy trainers are thought to be on sale for 2023

“Adidas does not allow anti-Semitism or any other type of hate speech,” they stated previously in a public statement.

“Ye’s recent remarks and actions are reprehensible, hateful, and dangerous, and they go against the company’s values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect, and justice.”

“Following a thorough review, the company has decided to immediately terminate the partnership with Ye, cease production of Yeezy-branded products, and cease all payments to Ye and his companies.” Adidas will discontinue the Adidas Yeezy business immediately.”